CASE Institute

CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course. CASE Institute sessions provide teachers important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curricula and practice teaching various lessons to prepare them for classroom instruction.

Principles of Agricultural Science: Plant (ASP) Institute

The 2018 ASP Institute will be held June 18th through June 28th at the University of Kentucky.
Areas of study will include soils, anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, growing environment, reproduction, pest and disease management, and crop production and marketing. Learn more here.

Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR)

The 2018 AFNR Institute will be held June 18 through June 28 at the University of Kentucky. AFNR introduces students to the range of agricultural opportunities and the pathways of study they may pursue. Science, mathematics, reading, and writing components are woven in the context of agriculture and students will use the introductory skills and knowledge developed in this course throughout the CASE™ curriculum. Learn more here.