In 2014 Debbie Anderson was chosen to be our leader in residence because of her expertise in developing educational curriculum that facilitates learning through the horse. Debbie Anderson serves as the co-founder and  Executive Director at Strides to Success, located in Plainfield, Indiana.  She has been involved professionally in the horse industry for over 35 years as a vet tech, world champion riding instructor/coach, as well as, a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor. Strides to Success, founded  in 2004, is an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) facility in the heart of Indianapolis that connects horses with kids, adults and veterans for educational and mental health purposes, as well as life skills development.

Debbie was only in Lexington, KY for five short days, yet she presented to over 209 individuals including: high school and college students, public school administrators and teachers, university faculty, interested community members, 4-H volunteers, local equine assisted learning programs and equine professionals. Her ability to share her equine inspired curriculum and program development success, created enormous networking opportunities throughout the Bluegrass. Debbie was able to facilitate two live horse demonstrations at Locus Trace Agriscience High School in Fayette County, which were all well attended and provided actual lessons in equine assisted learning to high school students. For more information on Debbie and Strides to Success, visit her website here.

In March of 2009, Hal Hamilton and Susan Sweitzer, former Henry County dairy farmers and early agricultural activists in the state of Kentucky, were invited to be the Duvall Leaders in Residence. In 2004, Hal and Susan founded the Sustainable Food Laboratory, a consortium of 68 international business, non profit and public organizations working together ”to accelerate the shift of sustainable food from niche to mainstream”. The week-long program gave students, faculty and staff in the UK College of Agriculture and University, as well as community people and leaders in state government an opportunity to meet and speak with leaders that exemplify innovation and service at a global level.

In April 2007 our first W. Norris Duvall Leader in Residence was Ms. Liz Cornish, a native of Kentucky and graduate of the University of Kentucky. Liz Cornish has served as a consultant to leaders and businesses around the country focusing on transitions. She is a recognized author and   expert in women’s issues and change. While here she engaged in a variety of activities including lectures with students, lead a university wide forum sponsored by the Career Center, UK Alumni Association and the CERES women’s fraternity, and was a keynote speaker for a community based leadership development luncheon series.