CDS 2018

Each year, members of the Community and Leadership Development program attend an international conference and networking event hosted by the Community Development Society. The Community Development Society was founded in 1969 to create a national and international network of community development researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in community development.

CDS members represent a variety of fields: education, health care, social services, government, utilities, economic development practitioners, citizen groups, and more. The Community Development Society provides leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development. Members have multiple opportunities to learn what's new in the profession, to exchange ideas, to obtain the most current research and reference information available and to share professional expertise.

This summer, a team of professional development trainers representing the University of Kentucky was nationally recognized with an award from the Community Development Society. Their projected titled, "University of Kentucky’s Extension Community & Leadership Development Training Series" took home the national award for Outstanding Program. Contributors to this project included CLD and UK's own as part of the professional development planning and presentation team:

Daniel Kahl, Ph.D., Associate Director, CEDIK, Assistant Professor, Community and Leadership Development

Ronald Hustedde, Ph.D., Professor of Community and Leadership Development.

Lorraine Garkovich, Ph.D., Professor of Community and Leadership Development

Kristina Hains, Ph.D.  Associate Professor and Leadership Development Specialist for Extension at the University of Kentucky.

Alison Davis, Ph.D. Professor, Agricultural economics, Director, CEDIK

Lissa Pohl, MLS, is an Extension Assistant in the Community and Leadership Development Department at the University of Kentucky.

Melody Nall, BHS, MS, MCHES, Extension Outreach Coordinator, CEDIK

Jennifer Bridge, MAEd, Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Meade County Kentucky.

Daniel Kahl, Assistant Professor of Community & Leadership Development and Associate Director of CEDIK, pulled together a collaborative team of educators to compile a list of community and leadership development core competencies based on literature review and recent professional development needs assessments. Working closely with Dr. Ken Jones, Director of Program and Staff Development for Kentucky Cooperative Extension, the team developed a comprehensive series of professional development offerings over a two-year rotation. The series is comprised of face to face skill building workshops as well as a series of webinars. Coordinated through CEDIK, and offered through the Kentucky Educational Resource System (KERS) the program has engaged more than 200 participants and spurred additional workshops to external audiences. Launched in 2017, the series has received high marks in evaluations and will be tracked for broader program impact.

Other notable wins for CLD included 2018 CDS Student Recognition Award Winner, John Hill, who currently serves as the department Academic Coordinator.

Kyle Patrick Willams, UK CLD alum, also moderated the Best Poster Presentation at the CDS Conference.

CLD Professor Dr. Ron Hustedde led a compelling and well-attended presentation titled, "The Dimensions of Love in Community Development".

John Hill CDS

Kyle Williams

Ron Hustedde

Dan Kahl Award