Dan Guest Speaker

Dan Kahl's CLD 430 course recently hosted the Mayor of Winchester, Mr. Ed Burtner. Mayor Burtners’ helped students better understand the role of mayor and how that role provides community leadership. He described the role of the mayor, the key areas of responsibility that assume most of his time and attention and then talked about leadership in the role.

Key questions included:

  • What aspects of public leadership have you found most challenging?
  • What tools of formal leadership have you found most effective?
  • How important is shared leadership at the mayoral level?
  • How is that cultivated?
  • How would you gauge the importance of civic leadership?
  • What methods have you found effective to engage or develop citizen leaders?

The mayor layed out a framework of what a mayor does and how to be effective in that role. He then held open discussion and answered questions from our students. Some of the goals for inviting Mayor Burtner to speak with CLD students included helping them learn more about the role of elected leadership in communities, the responsibilities attached to the role, stories of leadership lessons learned, how leadership is cultivated, and how how we invite/inspire/involve others to engage them in a way that offers opportunities for leadership.

Hill Guest Speaker  Hill Guest Speaker

Community education entrepreneur, Charles Taylor, shared his curriculum with Mr. John Hill’s CLD 475 class. His programming, A Different Kind of Storybook, has helped numerous individuals in and around the Lexington, KY area. Mr. Taylor discussed his curriculum development process, and the importance of innovative community education opportunities through the art of storytelling. We are always appreciative of the time Mr. Taylor and others take to educate and share with students in the Department of Community and Leadership Development.