CASE 2019

UK Ag Ed Hosts 8th Annual CASE Institute for Teachers

In 2019’s ASA and AFNR institutes, 42 participants traveled from as far as northwest Washington state to take part. With expertise spanning coast to coast, CASE brings together seasoned educators with first year teachers to learn and grow from each other’s experiences in the classroom.

Nicole in office

Get to Know Dr. Nicole Breazeale

We are excited to welcome Dr. Nicole Breazeale to the team in CLD. To get to know a little bit more about her, we asked Dr. Breazeale a few questions. Read her responses here.

Brad Olson in office

Ten Questions with Dr. Brad Olson

UK CLD is thrilled to welcome Dr. Brad Olson to our Big Blue Family. In efforts to get to know a little bit more about him, we've posed ten questions.

Woman with Money

CLD Grad Helps Launch Local Non-Profit

"All the classes in the CLD department led me to start my own nonprofit to benefit the community." We sat down with MS-CLD graduate Chrissy Herren to learn about her post-grad endeavors.

Lori Garkovich

10 Questions with Dr. Lori Garkovich

We sat down with Dr. Garkovich to ask 10 questions before her retirement in May 2018. Her interview is full of powerful insight about teaching and learning, in addition to life lessons applicable to any discipline.

Maryanna Frazier

Interview with Ag Ed Undergrad Maryanna Frazier

"I would say my experience has been pretty amazing and phenomenal. I’ve grown so much as a student here; I’ve been challenged and been given great opportunities."

Kelsey Knight Interview

Interview with CLD Alum Kelsey Knight

"Community and Leadership Development was this beautiful combination of exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to learn more about community systems, extension models, and wanted to be a better communicator and leader."

2019 UK Field Day Recap

“There are few events that bring us all together the way Field Day does,” said Sarah Warren, graduate student volunteer from the UK Department of Community Leadership and Development. “This is how we strengthen the bond we share through a love of agriculture and community.”

Welcome to the Department of Community & Leadership Development!

Community & Leadership Development | Agricultural Education

Formed in the College of Agriculture in 2002, the Department of Community & Leadership Development brought faculty from rural sociology, agricultural education, agricultural communication, and program-and-staff development together in one unit. 

Forming a new department out of constituent pieces has meant changes not only for the department but in the history of the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky. For example, both our undergraduate and graduate degree programs have been reorganized to better integrate and utilize the resources of the entire department, the agricultural communications program has been refocused on community communication to highlight the fundamental role of communication in both community and leadership development, and programs which were previously instruction-based (community communication and agricultural education) now contain active and successful research components. 

Our faculty has strong disciplinary training in such fields as communication, education, and rural sociology and takes pride in their disciplinary homes. When it comes to our overall focus, however, we are moving beyond the disciplinary approach of the past. Believing it best represents contemporary approaches to 21st century reality, we are more about the processes of functioning effectively in community and fostering ethical leadership.


As scholars, teachers, and practitioners in a multidisciplinary social sciences department, we create new knowledge through research, Extension and outreach. We develop and empower our students, organizations and communities to envision and achieve sustainable and equitable futures.


The Community and Leadership Development Department is a model for excellence in applying multidisciplinary and innovative approaches to leadership, community processes, and the development of individuals, and their respective communities.


Our values are inspired by the land-grant philosophy and the ethical principles of our professional training. We mobilize the three land grant values – learning, discovery and engagement -- to understand and address contemporary development challenges.

The Community & Leadership Development department invites you to join us in making a difference, locally and globally.