The CLD Unexpected Speaker Series provides members of the CLD Department an opportunity to share their research, teaching strategies, and/or Extension and community outreach programs. Presentations in this series are informal and reflect the diversity of thought, research, teaching, and practice in the Department with the goal of facilitating community-building and collaboration.
"CLD Unexpected" officially began in the Spring of 2015. Building off of the previous program “Innovations in CLD,” the name "CLD Unexpected" was chosen because the range of work being done in the Department is often unexpected. Each semester, new presentations are announced and the diversity of topics and presenters grows.  Check back often to see the new calendar! Should you have questions regarding CLD Unexpected, please contact Dr. Julie N. Zimmerman here.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Opportunities for CLD Teaching and Research

Friday, September 22nd | Noon | Garrigus 701

Presented by Dr. Wes Harrison

Farmer to Farmer in Uganda and the Impacts on Agricultural Education

Friday, November 10th | Noon | Garrigus 701

Presented by Dr. Rebekah Epps and Dr. Jay Jackman

Cultivating the Future Farmers as Community Development: The Case of Japan

Friday, December 8th | Noon | Garrigus 701

Presented by Dr. Keiko Tanaka

CLD Unexpected