"CLD Unexpected" (derived from the “Innovations in CLD” series) officially began in the Spring of 2015 as an initiative of the Department of Community and Leadership Development's Program Committee. The name, "CLD Unexpected" was chosen for the series because the range of work being done in the department is often unexpected. This seminar series allows members of the CLD department an opportunity to share their research, their teaching strategies, or their community outreach and extension programs. The presentations reflect the diversity of thought, research, teaching and practice in this multidisciplinary department as well as the increased effectiveness that results when people explore something from different intellectual traditions. It also facilitates community-building and collaboration in the department.

Through "CLD Unexpected," research presentation have included an overview of the new study Who Owns Appalachia? which will gather data on land ownership patterns in Central Appalachia and another on assessing implicit bias through face analysis. Leadership, extension, and outreach were the focus for several presentations including a roundtable discussion on integral leadership, the practice of community coaching, learning about outreach in India, and the role of Food Connections in helping students and the community understand the intersection of food systems, food justice and race. Presentations have also focused on teaching and teaching strategies such as Bonding with Beats or drumming away drugs, understanding the GEN100 program, and education abroad in both Scotland and in Prague.

Each semester, new presentations are announced and the diversity of topics and presenters grows. Check back often to see the new calendar! Should you have questions regarding CLD Unexpected, please contact Dr. Lori Garkovich here.

CLD Unexpected