If you have strong communications and interpersonal skills, enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others, and want to make a difference by changing the social, political, and economic environment of your community or organization — this is your major!

Graduates find success as communications specialists in the public and private sector, managers in business and industry, government agencies, community associations, and non-profit organizations. You can also use this degree as a stepping stone to graduate and professional school opportunities.


CLD Major Requirements   BS-CLD Advising Sheet

CLD Minor Requirements


Degree pursuit in CLD focuses on understanding community from three angles:

Communities of Place

We begin focused on the geographic areas in which people live. Communities are built on proximity—so our students must meet people where they are. Real change begins at the local level.

Communities of Practice

Projects happen around common areas of work or profession. We believe your vocation can be your passion and filled with purpose. We can change a "9-to-5" to a blank canvas of potential.

Communities of Interest

People connect when they share common interests. Your life is guided by your sense of purpose, and we want to meet you where you're most enlivened. Then, you can share your passions with others, growing community.

Keiko Tanaka

Keiko Tanaka

CLD Director of Undergraduate Studies

507 Garrigus Building
Phone: (859) 257-7574