CLD 497 Professional Practicum

CLD 497 Professional Practicum

What is CLD 497?

This Capstone course is a cooperative educational program between CLD majors and approved community sponsors who furnish facilities and instruction that help students acquire the skills and knowledge required in their chosen field. The primary purpose of this practicum course is to place each CLD senior in a professional setting where they can integrate their knowledge gained in the classroom with professional experience. Students complete 150 hours over the course of 15 weeks. By working on a project under supervision by a professional, students are expected to gain valuable skills to succeed in their chosen career. Ultimately, this is a dually beneficial relationship; community relations are strengthened while students have an opportunity to build relationships/networks that could encourage future career development.

Every effort is made to find a placement that is a good fit for both the student and community sponsor. Both are asked to communicate their expectations for the experience and pairings are made based off of skills desired by sponsors and knowledge to be gained by students. Community sponsors represent a diverse group of industries from around the area both in the public and private sector. This course is offered only in the spring semester. Students who plan to graduate in May, August, or December must complete this course in Spring.

Prerequisite: Major standing in CLD; senior standing

 Examples of possible partnerships

  • The Plantory
  • Woodford County 4-H
  • State CHW Research and Public Relations
  • United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Proof Fitness
  • Kentucky Farm Bureau
  • Gods Pantry
  • Dress for Success Lexington
  • Lexington Children’s Theatre
  • New Roots

Contact Information

Dr. Wes Harrison, Ph.D.
Department Chair

500 W.P. Garrigus Building Lexington, KY 40546-0215

(859) 562-2788