Graduate Studies in CLD

The Master's of Science in Community and Leadership Development at the University of Kentucky is a unique multidisciplinary program that prepares you for continuing on for a Ph.D. in several different disciplines (e.g., Agricultural Education, Agricultural Leadership and Development, Communications, Rural Sociology), or a broad range of careers.

Our curriculum integrates a solid foundation in social science theory and research methods. Students are challenged to understand and then apply both theory and methods in diverse contexts as both independent and collaborative scholar/professionals.

Our graduate students are expected to be engaged professionals participating in scholarly organizations, social change initiatives, community development associations, or community media campaigns. They should demonstrate the depth and breadth of their knowledge and skills through applied service or research projects. Finally, students are expected to contribute their expertise as academic, organizational and community leaders.

Many of our faculty and students team up on a research, teaching, or outreach project. Their work often involves a partnership with citizen groups, community-based organizations, and/or state/local governmental units in order to address a particular set of social issues.

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Tricia Dyk

Dr. Tricia Dyk

Director of Graduate Studies

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